Crazy, Stupid, AWESOME Love

Am I the only one who have ever gotten caught up in a “teaching” love relationship?

Quite frankly, I am a terrible teacher and unconventionality fascinates me more than anything else. Yes, it does! Why go along with the old-fashioned terms? Why not break from tradition and explore outside the box of society’s expectations?

Is it so wrong to try something new?

Well, I found myself starving in a relationship where I had to give lessons on love. I mean, actual LESSONS. It is not that I expect too much or that I’m demanding. I just believe that your partner should not be completely ignorant on how to function in a relationship. I get it…. we can learn from each other but there must be some spark there that keeps you excited to come back for more… and more.

According to  Astrologers, (I’m an Aquarian, by the way), I might tend to seem distant and guarded throughout a relationship. Trust me, I am working at that problem. But on the other hand, I’ll love almost unconditionally as long as my partner understand my need for a little freedom. For me, love is a great thing. That might sound a bit cliche but… it’s true!

Just look outside… Locate a tree, any tree… Have you done that already?… Great! Now, count the number of fallen leaves you see on the ground. Yeah; I’ve been hurt that many times! Maybe not that much but you get my point here. So regardless of how many times by heart has been trampled, crushed and burnt to ashes, I still find myself searching for love and hoping to love hard once I finally get there.

Yeah, in case you’re wondering, I’m the kind of girl who acts all cool and composed when a cute guy passes by and compliments me & then as soon as I round a corner, my smile stretches from ear to ear! Lol. Literally! Well, that’s if I don’t trip and fall over my own nervousness before I even reach the stupid corner.

I remember back in high school; I was walking to school when I saw a group of cute guys standing further up the street. I immediately got nervous and quickly adjusted my posture, attempting the “prim-and-proper” look and decided to just strut “sexily” pass them. My heart beat had been almost deafening but I held my breath and kept on going. I guess nature did not agree with me that day because as I was half-way pass the group of guys, I tripped and almost flattened my face! Do you know embarrassing? At that moment, I sent out a quick prayer to God:

“Please do not let them laugh… or else take me.” And I scurried off in the other direction before I even got the answer I knew I wouldn’t like to hear.

So, I love guys (hate them sometimes) but that’s just life, isn’t it?

You won’t get the best of both worlds! One day you’ll wake up looking fresh and radiant… and the other, you’ll run from the mirror wondering what fight you’d lost in far-away Dreamland. The best thing to do is embrace life as it comes. Try new things, take a risk now-and-again, and eat a bar of chocolate sometimes!


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