Sample of My Current Novel (Y) I’m open to feedback: “The Earl’s Servant Bride”

Climbing Mountains in High-Heels


(Leicester Manor, 1813)

Kane de Montfort, Earl of Leicester, could not stand the fact that he was left stranded in the woods… again. Served him right for going against his better judgement thinking he could tame that wild beast. Blowing out a long exasperated sigh, he pushed a low-lying branch out of his way, drier ones crunching sharply beneath his boots. The humongous beast of a horse had none but thrown him off its back and down into a pile of, what he’d never admit to anyone was, animal droppings.  Using a handkerchief to remove the excess filth from his cloak, he then took hurried strides in the direction of his house.
It was evening and he could already imagine the pitiful glare his mother, the dowager countess, would be giving him the moment he stepped through the foyer. Lady Victoria always had thought him too impulsive for…

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