Finding Mr. Right


…..So, there’s been this forever talk about finding this “Mr. Right”–I’m sure–for decades now. TV has orchestrated the idea of the “perfect” man and we all just fall limp to its opinions….. 

According to Noelle-Neumann’s Spiral of Silence theory we, the minority, often tend to go a long with popular opinion which is broadcast-ed by the Media in order to avoid social isolation. There is one aspect of a woman’s life where she is caught up in this mass of confusion; one every female can relate to. And that is the idea of a “Mr. Right”. Most often than not, “Mr. Right” is portrayed in movies and reality shows as a dark tall and handsome businessman or doctor with a heart-stopping smile and more-than-enough money to spare. Italian shoes, a Ferrari…..and incredible connections to expensive restaurants are normally added to the package as well. So, if you believe in fairy-tales (and everyone has their own liking) you might find yourself in a deep ditch one day because quite frankly, such things do not exist. At least not in this world anyway. 

In my opinion, do not waste precious time searching for a “perfect” man for we all know that you’ll never find one. Consider this: you’ve decided to devote the 2014-2016 period to finding yourself a “Mr. Right” but at the end of that tenure “he” turns out to be not what you had bargained for. My friend, you would have just wasted TWO YEARS of your life!! During that time a perfectly sweet and spontaneous guy could have possibly slipped right through your fingers because you had been chasing after unicorns instead of embracing a real flesh and blood man. 

I had been fooled once by my obsession with what TV has taught me about “Mr. Right” as well. I had gone searching–rather, waiting–for a perfect man to fall in my life and had been hurt terribly. Why? Because what I thought and I had wanted–specifically, what TV had taught me to want–was not what I had actually needed. So I had almost failed to embrace the perfect man FOR me when he had strolled casually into my life. 

KR was my eye-opener into reality. I had found that he was the first person I wanted to see in the mornings, the person I ate lunch with everyday…the person who I often sat with for hours talking about nothing in particular. He had become my best friend. And I had taken so long–but not too long, thank God–to realize that I had fallen in love with him. He had become the RIGHT man for ME.

Ladies, instead of allowing TV to make this choice of who your perfect guy should be, go off on a tangent and explore your options. You’d be surprised at what you find. He may come by in uniform, leather-ware, deck shorts and slippers…even faded jeans and sneakers. Whatever the case, as long as he treats you well and his feelings parallel yours, grab that man by the collar and make him yours. He might not look like “Mr. Right” according to popular opinion; in the end what others think do not matter. 

Your happiness comes first and if your willing to spend you time cherishing the guy who is right there rather than wasting years ploughing through vast populations for a man who does not exist, then you’re on the right road to true happiness. Do not fall limp to what TV wants you to believe. There is a guy out there who is just right for you. He’s YOUR right man. “Mr. Right” is just a figment of our imagination–he’s a movie character who was created to stir fantasy. Life is about compromise. And in that, you’ll find that the man who you need might not be PERFECT but he’s certainly RIGHT. 


P.S. Enjoying MY right man.


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