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Hadaen [The Marujan Brothers Series] Book One

Hadaen Maruj knew from the first moment he saw her that he had to claim her as his own. The attraction was almost too intense for him to understand. But when he makes his intentions known and she flees from his very grasp, he is left with no choice but to track her down. 
……to find the beauty who was destined to be his eternal mate and satisfy his lust once and for all. 
Amelia ran–more like casted a spell which would help her escape the arrogant beast of a man. She refused to marry him. Not when he had no heart to offer. 

But when the darkest of times arrive and Amelia becomes his only hope of redeeming his kingdom against the hand of the enemy, will Hadaen manage to earn her good graces? 
Will the passion they share be enough to form a bond that would last into eternity? 
……or will he end up losing her forever?

GET YOUR OWN COPY AT http://www.allromanceebook.com for only $0.99, FREE on http://www.smashwords.com. For Kindle version and paperback, check out Amazon.com for more details!!



Montana, Starlight

She had cast the man, who she had grown to know had abandoned her and her mother, in the past. But when Allison receives news about his death, curiosity instantly spikes and she’s off to Montana to discover the mystery. 
Damien Reynolds was doing perfectly fine manning the tiny town–and forgetting about the woman who had ran off and left him–but when a striking city girl shows up, he starts feeling again. 
What happens when turmoil stirs and heart collides?
What will he do when her time in Starlight expires? 

AVAILABLE FOR KINDLE & IN PAPERBACK At Amazon.com!! Also on http://www.foboko.com



sicilianMarco Mussolini was being ‘hung to dry’ by the Press. He had to find a way to escape it and clear his name. But how can he…? When he simply cannot resist claiming the ‘Press’ as his wife?

AVAILABLE FOR KINDLE  ON Amazon.com!! Free at http://www.foboko.com !


Moonlight Kiss

Fooled by her best friend into travelling to the Caribbean for what would have been a ‘friendly get-away’, Cierra Rose arrives at her villa to see the man with whom she had shared a dangerous past…a man who can’t stand her! 

Eric had been running away from her…literally! But now he is left to reconcile with the woman who had secretly stolen his heart…years ago.

AVAILABLE FOR KINDLE ON Amazon.com!! Free at http://www.foboko.com !


gideonGideon [The Marujan Brothers Series] Book 2: Coming soon! 


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